InstaCode Labs is relentlessly seeking to 'make people's lives easier' by transforming tomorrow's technologies from theoretical ideas to practical solutions today.

InstaCode is a Software R&D Lab focused on developing the ultimate Rapid Technology Adoption Platform.  Robust, enterprise solutions leveraging latest technologies such as Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence (AI), Internet of Things (IoT) , etc.  can be easily developed at a fraction of the time and cost of traditional approaches.

InstaCode was founded in 2015 in Hong Kong by an experienced international team of IT professionals that realized that existing software development processes are not well-suited to the ever-increasing pace of technological advancement. 


InstaCode established an approach of ‘Continuous Integration’ that would focus on a 5E’s principle.

5 E's Approach to Software

Easy to Use

Easy to Learn




InstaCode is part of the Hong Kong Science Park IncuTech program and is comprised of a global team with staff in Canada, Vietnam, Hong Kong & China.
A Platform for Change

Organizations today are increasingly squeezed trying to keep pace with the latest in cloud computing, mobility, AI/Machine learning, Blockchain and more while also maintaining vast legacy systems.  

InstaCode offers a multi-purpose platform that will grow with the company.  From building traditional internal applications to leveraging the latest in blockchain technologies, InstaCode's InstaJS Platform positions organizations for change.

InstaJS Platform

The InstaJS Platform is the foundation on which InstaCode uses to layer on new technologies. The platform was fundamentally constructed as a highly extendable and scalable cloud framework with an Integrated Development Environment serving as its core.  To enable 'Rapid Development', 'No-Code' modules make it easy for even 'non-IT' staff to rapidly build out solutions.

No-Code Application Builder

Business forms, data upload screens, reports and more can be effortlessly built using the Application Builder features cutting down the effort and resources required to build feature-rich business solutions  

No-Code Website Builder

Website Designers are able to select from a large library of templates and create professional looking sites without any coding

Ecommerce sites are also a few clicks away with integrated payment gateways, product catalogs and checkout templates  

No-Code Mobile Apps Builder

Build once and run everywhere”
The No-Code mobile apps builder simplifies the process of building mobile apps by leveraging HTML5 so that native code is not required

Integrated Encryption Key Store

Field level encryption with “client controlled” encryption keys is made possible with our integrated encryption key store and browser plugin  

Integrated Source Code Hub

Keep track of progress and simplify code migrations, deployments and rollbacks with an integrated source control features  

Integrated Automated Tester

Automated testing is an important part of development. We integrated Mocha & Chai framework to ensure that development projects built on InstaJS are of the highest quality  

Integrated Collaboration Features

Collaboration features such as a shared calendar and messaging enables remote teams to work closely

Open Database Adaptors

An logical database model enables applications to be written independent of the database technology

Full Code Compiler & Editor

When requirements become complicated, the InstaJS Full Code compiler and WSYWIG editor makes even the most sophisticated project easy. 

Blockchain Smart Contract Builder

What Makes The InstaJS Platform Unique?

  • Integrated Tools

    Developers need many tools to build applications, from Code Editors, Automated Testing, Encryption Key Stores, Source Code control and more.
    Such tools are typically found in separate pieces of software that all need to be installed and maintained separately. InstaJS integrates all of these features into a single toolset to maximize productivity.

  • 100% Cloud

    The integrated platform can be accessed with a simple browser. This eliminates complicated setup procedures and ensures productivity right away.

  • Modular Future Proof Architecture

    InstaJS was designed to be extended. InstaJS’s modular framework is designed to allow open standard technologies to be easily integrated so that the platform is able to handle new technologies with ease.


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